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This week in Podiant

by Mark Steadman, on 2nd February 2018

A few things to tell you about this week. If you want to hear them in brief, along with a discussion on consistency in podcasting, check out the latest episode of Platform I recorded with our Community Advocate, Brendan Hutchins.

A place for fiddly bits

As apps grow, they can pick up handy little bits of functionality that don’t really fit anywhere. Want to find a bookmarklet for easily adding links to your show notes, or how to add a widget to your site, to help people subscribe? Check out the Tools section of your Podiant dashboard. And with that, something rather cool:

A player for your whole podcast

You can now embed your entire podcast on one page, instead of embedding each new episode as it comes out. The player automatically updates, and even resizes to fit the number of episodes you have. Check it out in the Tools section of your Podiant dashboard!

Networks are in closed beta

We’re so excited about allowing podcasters to group their shows into networks. We’ve been running a small, closed beta that we’ll expand soon. But so far, the news is that things are running quite well, and our beta testers have already given me some amazing ideas to -steel- try out.

Known issues

There’s a couple of bugs I’m working through, and will hope to have these resolved in a couple of days. One is about a “Policy expired” message that randomly appears when uploading files. This is down to differences in clock speeds between computers, but it’s fixable.

The other is with Apple Podcast occasionally saying it can’t read feeds. This is an irritating but very temporary problem, and it goes away (I’ve spoken with Apple and they’ve helped as much as they can, so it’s up to me to see what I can do). I have a plan. Again, I just want to reiterate that your feeds are working and are valid, but for some reason every now and again, Apple’s feed reading software has an issue, but this does not affect existing subscribers and only really affects the iTunes page that Apple produces. If you’ve got any concerns, you can use the support widget in your dashboard to get in touch.

A whole new theme

We’ve introduced the popular Clean Blog theme by Start Bootstrap, to Podiant. It’s a simple, elegant theme that also includes a tiny button for previewing episodes. How cute! (And in case you’re wondering, yes, plays via that button are counted just as they are in the big player… it’s all the same code under the hood.)

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us over last weekend’s outage. As you may have seen on our status page, it was due to an issue with one of our providers. As I say on the podcast, stuff breaks on the Internet all the time, and while it’s not our fault, it /is/ our responsibility to get things moving again as quickly as possible, and I take that very seriously.

That aside, here’s to another great week of podcasting!

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