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Bring your network to Podiant.

Podiant makes it simple to create a podcast network, with a beautiful website showcasing all of your shows.

The Podiant Network plan rolls your Professional subscriptions into a single monthly or annual payment. Start from three shows and let your subscription grow as you do.

See all your stats in one place, with a unified dashboard that gives you the numbers you need to attract advertising you can share across all of your shows.

Every Podiant network gets a website that lists all of your shows, and unifies everything under one web presence.

Couple it with your own domain name, and you now have a single home for all of your podcasts, that makes it easy for listeners to discover more of your content.

Already have podcasts with Podiant? We’ll handle all the redirects for you, so you won’t lose link traction.

It’s incredibly easy to invite other podcasts hosted on Podiant to join your network. Find them by their web address, and the show runners will get a notification asking them if they want to join.

You get fine-grained control over who can see what, and they can continue uploading and managing their content as normal.

Get started from just $29.92 *

Plan Price per month Per year
Start with up to 3 podcasts $35.97 $358.98
Grow to 5 podcasts $59.95 $599
Grow to 10 podcasts $116.90 $1,169
Grow to 20 podcasts $233.80 $2,339

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* When you choose to pay annually. Actual annual price: $358.98


Podiant provides everything you need to create a podcast network.

Unlimited storage

No limits on file size or duration, and no bandwidth caps.


Instantly know how many people are listening, where they are and what device they use.

A beautiful website

Start with our Nexus theme, and customize text, colors and layout to suit.

More than words

Flesh out your network site with static pages, host bios and blog posts from your network&squo;s podcasts.

Apple compatible feed

Our RSS feeds work with all major podcast apps, and we can help you submit your show to directories.

Batteries included

Integrate with sites like Twitter and Facebook, auto-post to YouTube, and even podcast directly from Dropbox.