Podcast production and consultancy

Our small team has been making audio for the Internet for nearly 20 years. We know what sounds great, and how to improve and optimize your audio, so your listeners are delighted each time a new episode drops into their inbox.

It starts with your voice

For each new episode, you simply provide us with the audio you want us to include, along with any notes that might be helpful, and we’ll get to work. If you want to stick to a schedule, we’ll help you keep on track so your fans aren’t kept waiting.

Audio production

With our professional approach, industry standard software and proven techniques, we can take your interview or monologue and make it podcast-ready, so it sounds great on budget earbuds, smart speakers, in-car systems and pro-quality headphones.

EQ and filtering

Each speaker’s audio is equalized, and has broadcast-quality tuning applied, so everyone on your show sounds their best.

Trimming and editing

We can perform a light edit, trimming the beginning and end of your audio, or carefully comb through it, removing stumbles, restarts and pauses, so everyone is clear and concise.

Music and effects

We can integrate existing music, or help you find jingles and interstitials that reflect your style. No over-the-top commercial radio stings, just perfectly-chosen music that compliments your voice. You can even commission us to create music for you.

Chapters and show notes

We can create simple summaries or deep dives that give potential listeners a comprehensive overview of your episode. We can split up your show into chapters, and because it’s hosted on Podiant, all this metadata is baked into your MP3 file, visible to all apps that support it, as well as on the web.


We start with automated transcriptions, but we recommend adding a human touch to clean them up, add speaker names and enrich your transcripts with links and other formatting, making your podcast more accessible and searchable.

Tailored to you

Nothing we provide is off-the-shelf. You’ll work with the same producer for each episode, so you’ll get to know each-other’s styles. Your podcast won’t sound like it was made in a factory, but lovingly crafted just for your audience.

Get up and running with ease

No matter if you’ve just got a microphone and a dream, or a full-on brand and business plan, we can help you. If you need artwork, copy for the web, help submitting your shows to directories like Apple Podcasts, marketing advice or help finding guests, we’ve got you covered.

Everything in one place

Podiant offers a complete podcasting package, and with production support, all you need to do is hit Record, then send us your audio. We’ll take care of everything else. Podcasting has never been easier.

Hear our work

Here are some samples of the work we’ve produced.

We won’t make you a superstar

We can’t promise you’ll be the next Sarah Koenig or Ira Glass, and we can’t guarantee you’ll get that sweet sponsorship deal. But we will work tirelessly to make you sound incredible.

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